About Us


Established in Atlanta in 2013

About Blue Feather

Custom Technology Solutions

Our goal is to help your company, your employees, and your clients become more effective through great technology solutions. We work through your processes to improve your workflow to create outstanding technology that works best for you. We aren’t just developers – we’re consultants trained to provide exceptional insight that helps you document and understand your needs. We’ll find the right solutions across all platforms and resources, local and cloud, to make sure your processes are as efficient and effective as possible.

Why us?


We know how critical it is that your software match your workflow. That’s why we offer full service consulting to make sure every user story is accounted for in our designs.


A positive user experience is what ensures a successful adoption of new software. We make sure that our solutions are not only powerful, but effective and easy to use to get the job done.

Measureable Results

Great technology has a measurable impact on your business. We use Lean Six Sigma statistical analysis to show you how we can bring real cost and time savings to your daily work.