Blue Feather is excited to announce significant performance enhancements to its CloudContainer platform – the best way to store your FileMaker container data in S3! These performance improvements allow for enhanced PDF thumbnail generation, as well as 80% faster generation when compared to previous performance.

What is CloudContainer?

Cloud Storage

Store as many files as you need in the cloud – saving you time and money compared to traditional storage.


Interactive Containers

View Office docs, crop or mark-up a picture, and view PDFs – we’ve got you covered.

Share Securely

Create a secure, easily shareable link to your container data to send to clients or friends and use the same link for updates.

Compatible with:

And More!

Gone are the days of FileMaker container frustrations resulting from limited hard drive storage. CloudContainer provides FileMaker users the ability to go beyond the limits of FileMaker’s native capabilities – providing unlimited storage space on an S3 compatible storage provider  (e.g. Amazon S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, and many others). This allows for quick downloads of a variety of document types to users without the need for an office connection. 

Need to share a file? Easy! CloudContainer allows Users to send signed, expiring URLs which share a single CloudContainer instead of your entire database. Users can select for the link to provide download-only access or they can give their recipients the ability to upload files to the CloudContainer as well.  

CloudContainer also allows for container data to be edited through its interactive containers. Users can edit images and even complete PowerPoint Presentations. 

Simply – CloudContainer is a service which allows users to expand beyond native FileMaker capabilities and provides unlimited file storage as well as simple and secure file sharing.

Are you interested in storing your FileMaker container data in Amazon S3 or other S3-compatible cloud storage services and aren’t already a customer? Create an account for CloudContainer and begin your free 14-day trial.