We’re happy to announce our first post-release update for CloudContainer – the best way to store FileMaker data in S3. With this update we’ve improved thumbnail generation for PDFs and general thumbnail caching and performance for all other thumbnail-compatible file types. CloudContainer will now generate and store optimized thumbnails for supported file types. This means that users will see CloudContainers on layouts loading faster and thumbnails displayed on-screen in a fraction of the time it would take to do before. Developers looking in their S3 buckets will see a new “thumbnails” directory in their S3 storage where the small, optimized preview images will be stored for fast access by your users.

This is a change we’ve made to the CloudContainer service on the server-side, and so developers do not need to make any changes in any existing CloudContainer integrations to receive the benefits of the new update. All users should already be seeing the benefits of this update in all existing integrations.

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