CloudContainer Alpha Sign-Up: Store container data in S3 with enhanced interactive container functionality

Hello Everyone,

We’re working on a new product we’re calling CloudContainer which is an alternative to native FileMaker container fields. This product provides two main new advantages over regular container fields:

  • File storage in Amazon S3 instead of on your server
  • New interactive container functionality, such as image editing/markup and embedding Office documents right in your FileMaker layouts.

We had a client who was taking thousands of photos each day. This was constantly filling up their hard drives. Backups were a pain, and server maintenance was also an issue with the constant need to expand storage. This inspired us to come up with a solution for storing files in S3 rather than on their server to help handle this.

CloudContainer provides container-like functionality in your FileMaker database along with the virtually unlimited storage and performance of Amazon S3. CloudContainer is easy to set up and use as a replacement for native container fields with no plugins or additional server software to install or maintain.

In addition to the off-server storage you also get expanded interactive features and functionality. You can store Office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations and preview the full document in-line right on your FileMaker layout. Images can be drawn on, cropped, rotated, marked up, or have filters applied to them without having to leave your layout.

We’re looking to have some people help us test these features as well as provide feedback for things like requests for additional rich interactivity with files. If you’d like to try this out and help us test and add new features we ask that you sign up for our alpha at the link below. We’d really appreciate you trying this out and sending us feedback on what you like, don’t like, or would like to see changed or added.

Thank you, and we hope you’ll give this a try in this early phase of development.

Alpha Registration: