We are excited to announce the merger between Blue Feather Group and Gearbox Solutions. It is scheduled to take place officially on September 1, 2022.

On that date our combined consultancy will begin conducting business as Gearbox Solutions. Blue Feather Group started serving clients in 2013. It’s growth over the past 9 years can directly be attributed to the tremendous client partnerships that have formed in that time. You have continued to place your trust in our team to solve unique business challenges through the development of custom software solutions. We have been lucky to grow as a firm and hire and retain top consultants and development talent. With the increased demand for custom solutions, integrations, and workflow improvements, we recognize the benefits of scaling with the right organization.

We have decided to seek a merger with an organization of similar size to offer more resource availability, a wider array of services, and depth of knowledge.

Gearbox Solutions shares the same values we do. We believe in providing excellent service to our clients, timely communication, providing guidance around organizational workflow needs, and proactively addressing potential issues before they occur.

Our main objective will continue to be your trusted partner for designing and building custom software, solving your most critical business challenges, and helping to make your organization more productive and successful overall.

Gearbox Solutions has been in business for over 20 years serving clients in the USA and abroad. They have expertise working in a variety of industries and bring with them a team with an average employee tenure of 7 years and specialization in developing modern web, desktop, and mobile solutions.

As we complete our team’s integration, we look forward to discussing some of the new offerings we will be able to provide, in addition to the services to which you have become accustomed. This merger means our joint company, Gearbox Solutions, will be able to offer more extensive architecture planning, expanded discovery and design, and a custom monthly partnership program.

Many custom development groups rely heavily on 3rd party contractors that can be unpredictable and create greater risk to your project. When you work with our team, you will get the full assurance that you will be working with a team of full-time employees who are highly motivated and invested in the success of your project result.

We are thankful for your continued partnership and support and we look forward to what the next decade brings!