Hello Everyone,

We’re happy to release a new accordion table solution for FileMaker.

Accordion tables allow you to have expanding rows in a FileMaker layout, fulfilling a similar role as a list view or portal. These are incredibly flexible and allow you to do things like:

  • Nest Multiple Levels of Expanding Tables
  • Combine Data from Different Tables into a Single List
  • Trigger FileMaker Scripts from Clicking Table Elements
  • Fully Customizable Style to Match Your Theme

Download the demo file below and check out the documentation to see how you can integrate accordion tables into your solution.

We have a GUI accordion table creator ready to go as a drag-and-drop FileMaker add-on which we will be releasing as soon as the FileMaker 19 add-on feature is out of the developer preview phase. This will make it very easy to create accordion tables with a single level of nested tables using a rich user-friendly interface. Keep an eye out for this coming soon!