Introducing CloudContainer

Better storage. Better interactive containers. Better file sharing.

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Use Rich, Interactive Containers in FileMaker

CloudContainer gives you the ability to create containers that go above and beyond what native FileMaker can do.

Cloud Storage

Store as many files as you need in the cloud – saving you time and money compared to traditional storage.


Interactive Containers

View Office docs, crop or mark-up a picture, and view PDFs – we’ve got you covered.

Share Securely

Create a secure, easily shareable link to your container data to send to clients or friends and use the same link for updates.

CloudContainer just does more.

Better Storage – CloudContainer stores files in any S3-compatible storage provider like Amazon S3, Backblaze, or Wasabi, rather than on a hard drive of your FileMaker Server, giving you unlimited storage space without having to worry about the capacity of the hard drive. This makes documents available for quick downloads to users outside your LAN without the bandwidth limitations of an office connection.

Better Interactive Containers – CloudContainer provides additional ways to view and edit container data not available in regular container fields. You can view complete PowerPoint presentations or edit images directly inside your FileMaker database.

Better File Sharing – Use signed, expiring URLs to send someone a link to a single CloudContainer in your database. They won’t have access to any of your other CloudContainers and the link will expire at the time you specify. You can send a download-only link or give them the ability to upload files to the CloudContainer you send to them. No more giant zip files!


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