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Add-on Installation

We have packaged the Tags Add-on as a FileMaker add-on. However, you can also manually copy the elements from the example file and paste them into your application.

If you haven’t downloaded the files, you can do so here:

Once you have the objects pane showing, go to the Add-ons tab. Click on the + button In the lower right corner of the window to bring up the list of available add-ons to install. They are divided into categories alphabetically. The BF_Tags widget will be under “Blue Feather”. If you see BF_Tags add-on, just drag it onto the layout.

Items that are installed

Custom Functions

  • BF_Tags_HTML
  • BF_Tags_CSS



  • bf_tags


  • bf_tags

The bf_tags table is only included so that when the add-on is first brought onto the layout it is functional and has something to interact with. After you’ve checked on the scripts and how the widget interacts with the sample table the bf_tags layout and table can be deleted.

The FileMaker scripts

The second, third, and fourth parameters are the script names of the scripts to be called in FileMaker when the widget is interacted with. By default these will be the scripts that are installed with the add-on. You can either choose to edit these scripts to perform whatever functions you want, or change which scripts are passed into the custom function. You can also pass an empty script name. For example, if you don’t need any particular action to happen when a tag is clicked, you can have the script passed in do nothing, or just pass in an empty script name and not have any script called at all.

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