Add Tag Script

The script to be called after a tag is added from within the widget.

The default script name is “Add Tag”. If you installed the script as an add-on it will be copied into the system. You can choose to edit the script that is copied over, or create your own and put that script name in instead. Different instances of the widget can call different scripts if you want.

Script Parameter

The script parameter is the text of the tag that was added. If “pending” was typed into the entry field “pending” will be the entirety of the parameter, no JSON data formatting or anything.


The script can do whatever you need it to do based on your use case. It can update a single field in a single record, go create a related record, update a variable, or just not do anything at all.

Put the cursor back

In the add-on script, there is code to go back to the web viewer object, which is named with the add-on instance id, pause the script a moment, and perform the setCursor javascript in the webviewer to place the cursor back in the entry field. The sample file also has similar scripting.

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