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Web Portal Starter Kit

About this Web Portal Starter Solution

This portal was created by Blue Feather. It was designed both as a starting point for us to use with our clients and as a resource for anyone in the FileMaker community to use for building their own web portal.

This application is a basic starting point for building a client portal for your FileMaker database. It is designed to be an example of a simple implementation with easy access to make changes and customizations for your specific business use case. If you don’t know any PHP, JavaScript, HTML, or CSS you can still connect this to your DataAPI-accessible FileMaker solution just by adjusting a few configuration files and replacing the logo images!

A web portal built with traditional web technologies can be more performant than using FileMaker WebDirect and can provide users with a more familiar web experience. Frameworks like Laravel and Vue used in this solution also allow you to easily take advantage of third-party packages for creating features which you might not be able have in native FileMaker. Licensing for WebDirect can also be pricey and WebDirect can require a beefy server. A traditional stack web application like this can help control licensing and server costs.

The basic pre-built features of this portal allow you to share invoices and take payments online as examples, but it’s not necessary to use those features at all. Use this as a starting point to get connected and provide customers and clients with the access you want to give them. You can add or remove any of the features which come preconfigured.

Where Do I get it?

The full source and installation instructions can be found on the GitHub page.

What can I do with this portal?

This portal comes with some pre-built features for basic invoice payments online, but you don’t need to stick with that use case at all! The implementation and sample file should give you a good starting point for building your own features into the system. They don’t need to be related to invoices or payments at all!

Some ideas might be:

  • Collect onboarding information for new customers or clients
  • Send or receive documents
  • Allow customers to submit orders and requests
  • Give status updates or reports on work performed
  • Show a schedule of appointments
  • Display survey results
  • Provide access or collect information from employees who don’t normally use FileMaker

Here are some of the features included with this starter solution out of the box:

  • Private data behind user logins, including two-factor authentication
  • Linking of users to customer records in your FileMaker database via email matching or (optionally) invoice information
  • Easy configuration to connect to your FileMaker database, preconfigured to work with the Invoices starter solution as an example
  • Show paid and unpaid invoices with pagination
  • Printable invoice view
  • Support for taking credit card and PayPal payments through Braintree or Stripe
  • Simple toggles to either allow partial payments or require full payments
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