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Technologies Used in this Solution


This customer portal starter solution uses the technologies in the list below. These packages were selected for their ease of use and powerful customization and features. Read more about them at the links below to find out about all of the features that each of these packages come with to and to learn how to add more features to this system.


  • PHP – The server-side language used in this application.
  • Laravel – The PHP application framework used to for security, database access, session management, and much more.
  • Eloquent FileMaker – PHP package for Laravel which adds compatibility for FileMaker access through the data API with Laravel’s Eloquent query builder. Both Eloquent FileMaker and this starter portal were created by Blue Feather (Hey! That’s us!).
  • Laravel Jetstream – A package by the creators of Laravel for easily getting started with user logins, password resets, 2-factor authentication, and other basic account management features.
  • Inertia – A package used by Jetstream to interface between the back-end and front-end applications.
  • Vue – A front-end JavaScript framework for building web user interfaces and single page applications (SPAs).
  • Tailwind – A CSS framework for unbiased, fast styling of your application using utility CSS classes.
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